An Unreasonable Man

Yeeeeeeeears after it being released, I finally watched the Ralph Nader documentary (“An Unreasonable Man“). I didn’t really know too much about Nader other than him running for election and the fact that he’s “pro-consumer” (for lack of a better description). An Unreasonable Man takes you back to Nader’s first point of activism — namely, car safety — the introduction of seat belts and air bags. It finishes with the Al Gore election loss to Bush – and many of Nader’s supporters eventually turning on him.

They had both pro and anti-Nader folk chime in throughout the documentary. One interesting nugget of which I wasn’t familiar is that the US presidential debate is, in fact, run by a group headed by one former DNC member and one former RNC member, with plenty of corporate sponsors — basically, people who would not want Nader to be in a televised debate.

See it!

(This review originally written in July 2012)

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