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Spinning Plates

Spinning Plates introduces viewers to three distinctly different restaurants, and their owners: a Three-Michelin-Star restaurant in Chicago, a small town family restaurant, and an immigrant couple trying to make a living serving up their native dishes.
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SOMM takes you through the world of sommeliers, including what it all entails to be one. The doc then focuses on a fairly diverse group of guys who are all studying to earn their Master Sommelier accreditation (the highest achievement for sommeliers).
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Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story

The documentary Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story takes you through the details of how (and how much) food is wasted in today’s society. It’s far beyond you and me simply throwing out food that’s been rotting in the refrigerator. A bigger problem, it seems, is the waste that occurs before it reaches the consumer’s table.

The stat given is that a whopping 40% of food raised/grown is wasted.
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Food Inc.

I finally watched “Food Inc.” At first I thought I didn’t want to watch it as I figured I wouldn’t eat certain foods again, after watching how they were made (or mass produced). Turns out I was wrong about that part — but I do buy free-range eggs now.

This is based on the American food industry, so it’s a bit different than we’re used to here in Canada (I assume? hope?) but still I’m sure a lot of it is relevant for those in other Western countries in addition to the ‘States.
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