Category: Humour Documentaries

Winnebago Man

Winnebago Man is the story about tracking down the unintended ‘star’ of an outtakes video for a Winnebago industrial tape. Huh? Well, the outtakes video – originally distributed to friends via VHS – made its way onto YouTube eventually and from there it became a viral sensation. It features Jack Rebney cursing profusely as he tries to make the video while dealing with the heat and flies of the Iowa summer.

The documentary maker seeks to find Jack and determine what he thinks of his digital fame. This proves to be not an easy task, but eventually contact is made. Jack is a bit of a recluse – very much different from his previous life in media.
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We Cause Scenes

We Cause Scenes documents the rise of Improv Everywhere in New York City. Basically, it’s a story about how a guy who moved to NYC with basically nothing, is out at a bar one night and they play up his resemblance to Ben Folds… People buy it… and it goes from there — creating ‘scenes’ across the city, starting with friends and eventually a bunch of people who simply want to join in.
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Finding Truelove

Finding Truelove — not a typo. It’s “Finding Tim Truelove”, the guy from an old high school yearbook found at a Value Village. The guys purchase this yearbook and then become obsessed w/ those in the graduating class of that year. That leads them to wanting to hunt down their favourite from the yearbook — Timothy Truelove. They get in a minibus and travel to Chico California and and become part of the high school reunion party. It rolls from there…
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