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Jingle Bell Rocks

Last night on TVO I watched ‘Jingle Bell Rocks‘, a documentary all about Christmas music (and those who seek it out and collect it). Overall, it was decent – with some great little bits of knowledge. That said, there were more than a couple of parts where I was awaiting the next scene (already!).
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No Room For Rock Stars

I’m a big music fan, but not really of the bands that normally play The Vans Warped Tour. That said, I’m up for a music doc. At HotDocs last night I took in “No Room For Rock Stars“, a doc made following the tour from city to city across North America. It’s not focused on the performances, but the personalities — and the wide spectrum of personalities. It also follows around a group of kids in a band who just want a chance to be on the bill. They were selling CDs to people waiting in line to get into the festival – at every tour stop.
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