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Stolen Seas

Last nights Doc Soup here in Toronto was a good one: All about Somali piracy — i.e. taking over ships and demanding millions of dollars from the shipping companies before the ship and crew will be released. The doc was much more extensive than I thought it would be, meaning they went deeper than the actual kidnapping events and went into why this was happening and some means in place to possibly prevent it — including the days when the communists and the West (i.e. US) were at each other in the region. Ditto a ‘black hawk down’ mention.
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How To Make Money Selling Drugs

Last night I took in the documentary “How To Make Money Selling Drugs” as part of the Toronto International Film Festival. The topic of drug dealing is definitely presented in an entertaining manner.

It’s also very smart how the documentary unfolds: Start with flash of the “How”, interviewing many-a-past-drug-dealer (characters indeed) and then, near the end, hit them with the real message — Things would be better if we legalized drugs — even hard drugs. The intriguing title and production gets people listening — then sell them the serious message further on in the doc. I don’t think anyone can say the “War On Drugs” is working (hello Mexico?), so is this alternative worth trying? One briefly cited example is Portugal (where personal possession was decriminalized).
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Call Me Kuchu

The death penalty for being gay? Many want that. Being outed in the papers (photos and address) – for being gay? That’s reality. Welcome to Uganda:
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Sexy Baby

Sexy Baby is a well done film about the sexual nature of today’s society (partially due to the Internet) and the effects of that. The film follows three women of different ages and lifestyles. I would say especially for those thinking about having kids (or who have young kids) this may be one for you.
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