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Beijing Ants

The best part of the documentary Beijing Ants is everything you see in the trailer:
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Slums: Cities of Tomorrow

The premise of Slums: Cities of Tomorrow is that slums are inevitable, even more present than before, and not really a bad thing. Footage is from “slums” in India, Morocco, France, Canada, the USA and other places. The contrast among the various worldly “slums” across the globe is obvious: In India it’s concrete homes without electricity or water; in New Jersey it’s a plot land with semi-permanent campers; in Canada it’s aboriginal in poor quality housing; in France, it’s people living in campers.
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I went to see “Urbanized” last night at the TIFF building here in Toronto. It’s from the creator of the documentary “Helvetica”. If you’re a bit of a livable cities nerd you’ll really enjoy it. It basically talks about what makes cities livable and the mistakes that have been made in the past. It also takes you around the world to show examples of where unique things are being done to fix problems and improve the quality of life for those living in cities. I thought it was quite well done, and definitely worth the watch.
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