Food Inc.

I finally watched “Food Inc.” At first I thought I didn’t want to watch it as I figured I wouldn’t eat certain foods again, after watching how they were made (or mass produced). Turns out I was wrong about that part — but I do buy free-range eggs now.

This is based on the American food industry, so it’s a bit different than we’re used to here in Canada (I assume? hope?) but still I’m sure a lot of it is relevant for those in other Western countries in addition to the ‘States.

Some of the laws put in place are definitely disturbing — you’ll understand what I mean when you watch it… but there is a glimmer of hope near the end as they talk to farmers who want what’s best and are starting to see consumers purchase exactly that. The idea (correctly, I feel) is that consumers can make a difference in how things are by changing their purchase habits. While that’s not always going to be the cheapest groceries around, if it’s within your budget it’s likely worth looking at.

There is one point in the documentary where there’s a poor immigrant family who apparently eats fast food all the time as it’s the only thing affordable. I have a bit of trouble with that. I don’t see how purchasing groceries and actually making meals at home can be more expensive than constantly paying for fast food each day. Regardless, give Food Inc. a watch and post what you think…


(This post originally written in March 2012)

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