Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story

The documentary Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story takes you through the details of how (and how much) food is wasted in today’s society. It’s far beyond you and me simply throwing out food that’s been rotting in the refrigerator. A bigger problem, it seems, is the waste that occurs before it reaches the consumer’s table.

The stat given is that a whopping 40% of food raised/grown is wasted.

Experts chime in with reasons as to why this is, and growers discuss how any food not visually perfect does not have a market (i.e. retailers won’t take it — even laying out fruit dimensions and such that are “allowable”). Now, in fairness, retailers won’t take it because consumers – in many cases – won’t buy it. So, can consumer perception be changed? Do stores have better options then to waste food? The documentary takes you through a few scenarios.

One area on the consumer side that is discussed is the thinking that a host must not run out of food — i.e. always have more food on hand than will likely be eaten. Of course, by the end of the night at least some of that is likely wasted.

While unraveling the food waste issue with experts and stats, the producers decide to live off of only food that will be (or is) wasted. This includes rummaging through dumpsters behind stores and warehouses, in many cases finding “mother loads” of perfectly good product. Yes, they find an entire dumpster of perfectly good hummus. They also become the “best house on the block” at Halloween by giving out huge chocolate bars that they gleaned from, yes, a dumpster. Turns out, they could find more food than they could handle, only spending around $200 on groceries over their 6 month challenge.

It’s worth a watch: 4/5.


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