The Kill Team

You’re out fighting in Afghanistan. Your new superior is all about killing innocent civilians for no reason – and covering it up. The rest of your platoon buys-in. If you don’t play along, you could be dead. What do you do.

The Kill Team documentary is about such a case — a young American soldier faced with such a predicament and ends up discharging his weapon when the rest of the group are ‘setting up’ a kill of an innocent Afghan. It’s unknown whether his bullet was the one that killed the man, but he’s charged with murder regardless.

The documentary includes interviews of various soldiers who were part of the platoon (who are quite candid as they already plead guilty) – providing a history of how the situation unfolded. The parents of the above-mentioned soldier go through all the emotions and frustrations that you can imagine.

It’s a somber story, but one that is reality.

The Kill Team: 4/5 at Hot Docs.

(This review originally written on May 2013)

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