Love Me

Love Me takes us into the world of, essentially, the online version of mail order brides. A cross section of American (and one Aussie) men are featured – each considering the online-overseas method to find a wife – and happiness.

From the get go I figured this documentary would be nothing other than showing American men being scammed out of thousands of dollars and end up empty handed. Turns out I was only partially correct on that. There were some success stories – and some that screamed ‘scam’.

The selection of men featured in this documentary are quite a mix: A fairly fit and decent looking somewhat older businessman from the West Cost; a decent looking and successful guy who works in construction; a what-some-would-say depressed farmer; an, um, unfit government HR worker who spends his time with video games; a chunky Texan who seems to be a gun/NRA-enthusiast; and a fairly successful (although, turns out, not the brightest) Aussie.

They all came across mail order bride type websites that mostly feature Eastern European and Russian women. Despite photos of incredibly attractive and fit women (i.e. unattainable?), the men spend around $10 per email communicating with these women (the fee includes the translation, as many of these women do not speak English).

The guys spend thousands and thousands of dollars conversing online and eventually spend even more money to take an organized trip to Ukraine. While there they partake in organized social mixers. Most were open to meeting any of the girls, while at least one was there solely to meet the one they conversed with online.

The documentary leaves you with both sides of what these men experience: some work out (at least within the filming time frame) and some are taken advantage of. Some are shown with their chosen woman and it’s painfully obvious the women want nothing to do with them. Another scene shows a row of shoes back home in the US — high heels along side cowboy boots. One refreshing result was one man who, after visiting Ukraine, refocuses his perspective and better appreciates the local women in his life.

The still shots featured throughout the film are beautifully shot. I enjoyed it: 4/5.


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