One Fine Day

One Fine Day” is a doc highlighting a group of separate stories about how an individual broke away from what everyone was doing (or what everyone was just ‘accepting’) and took a stand and did something about it. The stories range from African American athletes making at point at the Olympics, to fostering the fall of the Berlin Wall, to demanding more access to education in Chile, to Monks revolting in Burma, and more…

While you have to commend the courage of those in the stories, I found the doc quite sloppy, to be honest. It seemed to leave important aspects of the stories to two second bites, while accompanied by drawn out interviews that went too long. I think there needed to be more explanation as to what happened and what the results were. It seemed there were gaps in the stories.

Throw in that it was shown at the ROM — possibly the worst HotDocs venue (sight lines!!) (sight lines w/ sub titles!!!) — I wasn’t overly impressed. Some may enjoy it… I’ll go 2 or 3 out of 5. Anyone else see it?… Comments?

(oh, and narrator that chimes in every once and a while to spur action among the audience — that seemed weird for a doc…)

(This review originally written in April 2012)

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