12 O’Clock Boys

12 O’Clock Boys follows a young lad in inner-city Baltimore (cue the environment from “The Wire”) over a few years, as he yearns to become one of the 12 O’Clock Boys — i.e. part of a group of lawless dirt-bikers who parade down city streets doing wheelies and such – much to the annoyance of city police and residents.

When we first meet him, he’s fairly innocent – and actually quite cute — and definitely smart. Over the years, his environment takes a hold on him and he becomes more vulgar and disobedient – all with the initial goal still in mind: to be a dirt-biker.

This documentary is beautifully shot. There are some slow-motion scenes set to music that are just fantastic.

I highly recommend: 4/5.

(The review originally written on April 2013)

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