Waiting for “Superman”

I just watched this last night. It’s a great display of how the American education system works and what has happened over the years to basically send the system downwards in the past 3-4 decades. Being from Canada, some of it is new especially as our system is different “up here”.

Waiting for “Superman” discusses everything from funding to politics to teachers and beyond but the one part I was suprised on was how it focused a lot on teachers – and specifically the teachers’ unions. It showed some great examples of how the system can work well, but there are obstacles that seem to prevent those changes from happening in all public schools in a city.

Due to demand for “good” schools, they are by law forced to hold a lottery to decide who gets in.

I highly recommend this documentary. Aside from the message and fact finding, it was packaged well and included some very engaging interviews.


(This post originally written in January 2012)

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