Welcome to Leith

Welcome to Leith documents the crazy story of how one of the most prominent white supremacists tries to take over the small town of Leith, North Dakota. Slowly, the new resident of Leith (that initially kept to himself) starts buying up plots of land in town in hopes of starting a community of white supremacists (i.e. get enough of them to move and purchase land – and then take over town council with the votes). The townspeople get wind of this and the battle begins to chase him (and another hate-filled family) out of town.

The small town meetings get heated, and eventually the locals fear for their lives and start carrying guns.

While quite the story in itself, the documentary is able to show the situations from both sides. Yes, they get to follow our Mr. White Supremacist himself (and get some incredible access to him, especially later on in the film) and also get access to phone footage shot by the white supremacist family that moves to Leith (that attempts to show how they’ve been victimized at the hands of the townspeople).

A great watch — 5/5 at HotDocs.


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