The Yes Men Fix the World

Ahhhhhhh… Amazing what you can pull off w/ a fake web site pretending to be a major multinational corporation. That’s how The Yes Men start – and get invited to many events —- intended for someone else. Can they become a Dow Chemical representative on BBC? Yep…. and more. The Yes Men Fix the World is an entertaining look at two guys who basically ‘represent’ companies and groups in a manner how they wish those companies/groups would actually behave. Thus, fixing the world.

I found this documentary entertaining simply to see them pull off their multiple stunts… and to see how JoeBiz reacts to some of their absurd presentations. Make some money even if it costs a few lives? No problem.

So, when you ‘represent’ a corporation and announce that they’ll be doing x to help people y, do those initial victims hate The Yes Men for giving them false hope. According to the cuts that made the doc, the exact opposite sentiment is expressed (you’re putting our issue on the front burner so thanks for that!)

It’s worth a watch.


(This review was originally written in October 2012)

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